“If you want the real truth surrounding the Brazilian Keratin Treatment scare, then this will be the most valuable message you’ll ever read”

Hi my name is Juliette, and some people in this industry are calling me the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Whistle Blower and I’m going to share with you how I’ve put together the most highly controversial, even career damaging expose, on one of the most prolific cover-ups our industry has ever seen. But before I do that, let me tell you a crazy story of what made me want to lift the lid on such a juicy topic.

Hollywood celebrity stylist goes underground to blow the whistle on Brazilian Blowout.

Over the past 12 months my clients have gone totally crazy for this Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I’ve literally been bombarded with them carrying out up to six in a single day, five days a week, madness right. Then only a few months back, pandemonium broke out and a media frenzy took over the hairdressing industry.

Confusion over the safety of the treatment, including severe rumours, exaggeration and downright lies followed leaving no-one knowing what to believe or if anyone was in fact telling the truth.

I’m risking my career but I’m fed up with all the contradictions you read about Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment? It’s time for some honest answers.

For those that know me, I’m no girl to sit around and be bullied, especially outright lied to so I decided to put this book together and exposed the real truth to the world and let the chips fall where ever they fall!

I’ve been providing various different BKT treatments to clients in the salon over the past few years. At first, there were only one or two different treatments on the market, now there are a multitude of different ones. Of course, as the craze grew, so did the choice of options.

But, the chemicals involved in getting this ‘oh so sleek’ hair, came with its own set of problems. And not only were clients being affected, so were the stylists. Once the health regulatory authorities started to sit up and take notice, then the media jumped on the bandwagon and flooded the world with inflammatory headlines. Rumours abounded and the whole myth surrounding BKT began to snowball.

Certain slightly, how can I put it nicely….? Unscrupulous members of the industry decided to ignore any health risks, both to their clients and members of staff, and continue with the treatment with no extra training or safety aspects.

The rumours and exaggerations became worse, and the story became more confused. Headlines shriek out ‘IT’S UNSAFE,’ and then the next minute ‘IT’S SAFE NOW!’ so what on earth are you supposed to believe?

Get the truth that the manufacturers desperately don’t want you to know!

You see, half the stylists who provide Brazilian Blowout and other BKT don’t even understand the risks. But after extensive research, I do. And I want to tell you about it but before I do that, let me tell you of the extreme madness I put myself through getting hold of the truth when no one wanted to talk.

It all started out with investing hundreds upon hundreds of hours into finding out the nitty gritty facts about BKT treatment. And I’m not just talking about the treatment you find in the professional salons. I’m talking every type, from bone fide home BKT kits, through to dodgy black market fakes which are easily bought via internet auction sites. (I’d better not mention any names, as I’m probably in enough trouble already, what with publishing this e-book!).

What the hell – I’ve had enough of all this BS, it’s time someone had the balls to tell you the truth.

WARNING: Before you jump in and decide to go for BKT, you owe it to yourself and your personal wellbeing to read why these companies are throwing a big chunk of change trying to cover up this mess.

Then, once you are armed with all the facts, you can make an educated and informed choice. And that’s the whole idea of my research, to give you the necessary information to make that healthy and possibly life changing decision.

  • Do you understand exactly how BKT works, well sadly you ought too if you value your health?
  • Are you fully aware of exactly what is contained in the product?
  • Urban myth, Is there really such a thing as a BKT that contains ZERO formaldehyde? Fact or fiction?
  • Read how the manufacturers can legally get away with putting extreme levels of formaldehyde in their products and lie straight to your face!
  • Do you know what effects formaldehyde has on your health? There are serious short and long term effects.

After all, if you are paying two, three, four, five hundred dollars, or even more, for your Brazilian Keratin Treatment, then surely you owe it to yourself to shelve out a measly $19.95 to arm yourself with all the facts before you head back into the chair.

You can’t put a price on health now, can you.

Now here’s my promise, you’re not going to get this information anywhere else. Sure, you can find all the blah blah on the manufacturers’ websites, or on the bottles of their products. But they’re the guys who want you to spend your money. So their opinions are bound to be biased. And the newspapers only exist to sell their papers, so their reports are going to be as sensationalist hyped up nonsense.

Don’t get bamboozled by the manufacturers scientific and long winded fancy chemical terms for word formaldehyde, they are very sneeky!

YOU need to act now. Right now. Before you go for your next (or worse still, your first ever) Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Not all Brazilian Keratin Treatments have been created equal. There are many safety precautions that many salons and stylists are simply not taking. And the person who suffers is you! But once you understand the truth, you’ll know the right questions to ask; the safety precautions your stylist should be taking. And you’ll know whether or not your stylist really is acting in your best interests.

11 Whistle Blowing Chapter Are Exposed In This Report

This report goes on to explain all the facts and myths which are currently making BKT such a controversial treatment. You’ll find the truth here, and we blow away all the questions surround the safety or non-safety aspects on the hair craze which is sweeping around the globe.

Report Number One: The controversy surrounding the treatment

  • To make sense of all the controversy surrounding the treatment, you first need to understand exactly what the treatment is and how it works.
  • I’ll tell you about all the wonderful claims that the various different BKT systems promise, and cover the reasons why women (and men) fall in love with the treatment.
  • You’ll learn, in plain and simple language, exactly how BKT works, and who can and who can’t have the treatment done.
Report Number Two: Not all Brazilian Keratin Treatments are created equal

  • Find out exactly what will happen when you go for your BKT appointment.
  • Read about when you should expect to wear a mask during the treatment (yes, you did read that correctly – you should be wearing a mask!).
  • Understand how long the treatment should take.
Report Number Three: Safety Exposed!

  • This is the biggy! So we break it down into different sectors

Formaldehyde Part 1: What effects it will have on YOUR health and body?

  • In plain English, I explain what Formaldehyde is, where it is found and exactly how it can harm the human body.
  • Learn how commonplace Formaldehyde is, and at what levels it can cause harm to you.
  • Get the facts of the short and long term effects of over exposure to Formaldehyde, and understand exactly what is considered a safe level.

Formaldehyde and the Media Part 2:

  • In this section we strip away all the hype and panic, and tell you the facts. Just the facts: no exaggeration, no hiding of the truth and no bull!
  • We delve into the reasons why the press is so hyped up, and how they can make things sound completely different from the truth.
  • We’ll take a look at some of the current scare stories circulating in the papers and the internet.
Report Number Four: What the Pros know!

  • I’ll let you into the background of what the professionals are told about providing BKT to customers and tell you exactly what precautions some of the salons are taking when giving BKT.
  • I’ll let you into the background of what the professionals are told about providing BKT to customers and tell you exactly what precautions some of the salons are taking when giving BKT.
  • Learn about the many black market products out there – and the pros and cons of taking a chance on them.
Report Number Five: OSHA)
Find out, in plain and simple language, exactly what the tests and results that have been carried out actually mean.

  • Understand what this means in relation to you as an end user.
  • Learn what the BKT companies are doing about this information
Report Number Six: I’m so Confused

  • I’ll tell you exactly why certain BKT companies can legally claim that their products are Formaldehyde free.
  • Without the need for a degree in Chemistry, understand the difference between the different chemical compounds in the various BKT treatments.
  • Understand why some of the stylists who provide the treatments are not sure themselves of the ingredients in the products they are using.
Report Number Seven: How Will My Hair Recover from the Damage?

  • Find out the truth of what BKT actually does to your hair.
  • I’ll tell you the good and bad points about having the treatment done, as well as any of the associated risks.
  • Learn if there is any risk of permanent damage to your hair.
Report Number Eight: Post Treatment Recovery and Maintenance Regime

  • Read my step by step break down of how you should treat your hair after BKT treatment.
  • Not only will you understand exactly what, or what not to do, but I’ll explain the reasons behind the instructions.
  • Learn about how you can extend your BKT to last as long as possible, and how it works alongside other various hair treatments.
Report Number Nine: Debunking the Hype Surrounding Specialist BKT Hair Products

  • Here, I’ll tell you about some of the various different after care products available on the market.
  • Learn about the basic things all these products have in common
  • Understand that maybe the most expensive product isn’t always the best to spend your dollars on.
Report Number Ten: The Truth Behind Salon Treatments versus DIY

  • I’ll explain about the risks of deciding to go the DIY route.
  • Get the facts on how easy or difficult it is to carry out BKT at home.
  • Read a totally unbiased opinion on salon versus DIY, and as an adult, make up your own mind.
Report Number Eleven: Celebrity Gossip!

  • Read the low down on the celebs who can’t live without their BKT.
  • Realise that their silky smooth tresses don’t just ‘happen.’ They have bad hair days just like the rest of us.

You’ll end up with a full and thorough understanding of exactly what you are letting yourself in for and whether you’ll choose to have a Brazilian Keratin Treatment done ever again.

The information in my Brazilian Blowout Review and Report will tell you exactly what you need to know before making a decision whether or not to undergo Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

This will be the easiest decision you’ll make all day and if you change your mind, you can get a FULL refund – No questions asked!

Here’s how it works: Order your personal copy of the Brazilian Blowout Exposed Report, and use it as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied after 60 days (by which time you will have read the entire report and make your healthy decision) — just email us to receive a FULL refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out, no problems at all. I am 100% confident this guide will be the most detailed information on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment you’ll find online but still, if you don’t think so, I will refund your money – it’s that simple.

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It’s time to get rid of the worry and the guess work. Time to know the truth.

Remember, my e-book tells you the complete truth. The secrets that the manufacturers don’t want you to know. In plain and simple English!

And don’t forget that buying this book is totally risk free. You have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

PS: Oh, and if you are worried that my book might end up a sales pitch for my own treatments, then don’t be. There is not one mention, link or advert that tries to get your business. No, this book does exactly what it says on the label. It blows away the media hype and manufacturers lies about Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Imagine, within just a few minutes easy reading, you’ll probably know more about your BKT treatment than your stylist does!